We’ve been bringing up the Spider-Woman controversy for a few weeks now. And not because we feel very strongly about it one way or another (honestly, we probably wouldn’t have read the comic anyway), but because it refuses to die. Well, fortunately, cosplay performer “Louise” may have finally received the final word on this epicly silly non-issue.

Over on Louise’s Twitter page, she posted the below image of herself posing in the exact same position as the upcoming cover of Spider-Woman #1. Does her recreation blow a hole in the theory that artist Milo Manara’s image was nigh impossible? Also does it brings into question all the “expert” opinions about female anatomy that went viral during the initial wave of “Spider-Butt-Gate.”




For those of you wondering, according to Google Translate Louise’s exact words are: “A cosplay proving that cloak of Milo Manara was just realistic.” Hey…Google Translate ain’t perfect, but I think you get the idea.

Is Manara’s original cover still sexist? I say agree to disagree at this point. Let the consumers decide and call it a day. Still, something tells me that we won’t hear the last of this via social media.