Meet French Actress Corinne Clery – who went from a notorious “O” to 007!

the story of O

Cléry first came to prominence in the controversial movie The Story of O in 1975. The original book was published decades earlier, and is a notorious erotic novel about submission – the 50 Shades Of Gray of its time…


Corinne was fearless in her movie choices, including the brutal 1977 thriller Hitch Hike, which also stars Franco Nero, an intense thriller about a couple who pick up the wrong hitchhiker…


This film has been recently re-released on DVD and Blu-ray, and it’s a great neglected action thriller, which a very provocative poster at the time.  Here is how they “covered it up” for Japan:

Corinne Clery Hitchhike

Here is the trailer for this exploitation classic – note that David Hess from The Last House On The Left stars as well:

Cléry is also noted for playing Bond girl Corinne Dufour, antagonist Hugo Drax’s assistant, in the 1979 James Bond film Moonraker.

moonraker corinne clery

These are just three reasons why Corinne Clery is my “Woman Crush Wednesday”!

Corinne Clery Bond girl