Is you wallpaper indecent? Does it lack desktop sophistication? Are you one of those clowns who puts an image on their PC or Mac and it doesn’t even fit the screen? Even worse, are you one of those losers that just “tiles” any image you get, turning your desktop into an awkward repetition of cropped off images? Well, Action A Go Go’s going to help with “Wallpaper Wednesdays.”
Wallpaper Wednesday is just like it sounds. In the middle of the week — every week —  AAGG will give you the appropriate decorative tools to make you look like you know how to right-click an image. 
We know it will be tough, but if you follow these simple steps then I think we can make this work:
1. Move your mouse’s cursor over the Pacific Rim poster above.
2. Press the right right button on your mouse.
3. Ugh. I lost you didn’t I?
4. See you next Wednesday.