Jessica Alba will be starring in SIN CITY 2: A DAME TO KILL FOR, the long awaited sequel to SIN CITY (2005). Why did it take so long to make a sequel? Who knows. The first was a seminal moment in comic book history that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt if you stick to the source material you’ll make a good movie. Period.

But enough about that. Jessica stole the show in the first Sin City and she’s bound to do it again this week…and that makes her our Woman Crush Wednesday!

Below are some choice shots of our crush in all her glory.


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Jessica-alba-hot 5


Jessica-alba-hot 6




jESSICA-alba-hot 9


Jessica-Alba-hot 10


Jessica-alba-hot 11

Jessica-alba-hot 12


Jessisca-Alba-Hot 7


z jessica-alba- dancing- lasso- sin city- 2


SOURCE: All wallpapers available at The Paper Wall


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