Usually, I don’t do this, but…


The folks who read this column usually expect me to wax analytical about movies, music, comics and anything related to nerd culture. But that doesn’t mean that I’m lacking when it comes to anything libidinal. Carla Gugino’s appearance in the recent “San Andreas” re-ignited my ardor for her.

Not only can she act, but as you’ll soon be able to attest, she’s extraordinarily great on the eyes. Her acting roles have ranged from the stage to big screen blockbusters. In addition to “San Andreas”, I wish she had reprised her role for the recent film version of “Entourage” as her portrayal of Hollywood agent Amanda Daniels provided an entertaining and much-needed female counterbalance to Jeremy Piven’s Ari Gold.

Please enjoy these pictures of one of Hollywood’s most fearless and versatile actresses.

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FullSizeRenderFinished? Then let your saliva collect right here.




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