You never know when the earworm will take effect, but you can definitely thank last week’s PUNISHER trailer for this one…

Metallica definitely hit an experimental phase in the 1990s. First there was the “controversial” move by the metal band to cut their trademarked tresses to the dismay of staunch metalheads everywhere. That coincided with the Metallica adopting a more alternative rock sound with the release of their album LOAD, which was followed by the less growly and more croon-y RELOAD. While your mileage may vary on how willing you are to accept Metallica’s transition into the ’90s, you have to kind of admire the grandiosity of what came in 1999.

It was called “S&M” — short for “Symphony & Metallica” — and it invited/challenged film composer Michael Kamen (DIE HARD, LETHAL WEAPON) to laydown some orchestral lining to some of the band’s more popular and obscure tracks (with two news ones sprinkled in). While Kamen had done something similar with Aerosmith, Queensryche, and for Metallica’s BLACK ALBUM in the past, no one (to my knowledge) had tried to produce a multi-track live concert experience with the original band backed by an orchestra.

S&M isn’t always a perfect melding of the two sounds, but it is a stirring experience that is guaranteed to sweep you up with it. And that’s why the ENTIRE concert video is our Motivation Monday. Have at it!