I’m still on the fence about BLADE RUNNER 2049. On one hand, it’s directed by Dennis Villeneuve, who gave us SICARIO, one of the best (and most tense) action films of the last few years. On the other hand…a BLADE RUNNER follow-up? Really?! I dunno. I just seems like a movie that shouldn’t need a sequel. That said, it’s happening. And if the proof is in the replicant-stirred pudding then maybe these recently released shorts (below) can get those of you on the fence…off.

The live-action shorts are directed by Luke Scott (Ridley Scott’s son), and the animated short by Shinichiro Watanabe (COWBOY BEBOP). A lot of sites are calling these prequels, but for the most part — with the exception of Watanabe’s entry — they feel like deleted scenes.

The big takeaway: Actors Jared Leto and Dave Bautista are likely to impress in the feature-length BLADE RUNNER 2049. Leto’s creepy detached tone in “Nexus Dawn” already signals another great performance from the actor. Meanwhile, Bautista continues to shrug off expectations for a “wrestler-turned-actor”. His approach here certainly caught me off guard.

Oh. and if you can’t catch the Watanabe short below because of pesky copyright laws, you can definitely watch it HERE on Crunchyroll for free.

BLADE RUNNER 2049 his theaters next week.