I don’t think BLADE needs much of an introduction on this site. At this point, the 1998 vampire flick is probably the film that actor Wesley Snipes is most known for — spearheading the current era of Marvel movie adaptations and, in terms of visual aesthetics, beating THE MATRIX to the punch just one year prior. Which is super ironic, because, if anything, BLADE does more slicing than punching.

See what I did there?

The following clip comes to us courtesy of the good folks from AllOuttaBubbleGum.com. Which is a relief considering that their old YouTube account apparently got smacked down for “copyright infringement”.

Keep scrolling after the BLADE video for one more incredibly amusing kill count.

Speaking of Marvel…something I noticed as far back as 2008’s IRON MAN is how trigger happy Robert Downey, Jr’s gets during battle. Seems like I’m not the only one, because, once again, AllOuttaBubbleGum has the death toll to prove it.