Since about June of this year, Oats Studio has been generating buzz with their eye-popping short films depicting mind-bending, sci-fi non-realities. The goal: For director Neill Blomkamp to break free of studio shackles by putting content directly in front of the target audience. It’s working!

Their latest short is called “ADAM: THE MIRROR”, and it is first chapter in what is already an intriguing concept. 6 minutes in and I’ll guarantee you’ll be itching for more.

From Oats Studio:

Oats Studios brings to life the next chapter in the Adam story, made in real-time using Unity. Join our amnesiac hero as he discovers a clue about what and who he is. The next chapter arrives soon.

You can see the beginning of Adam’s bizarre robotic journey below. And if you really like what you see then show your support and purchase future downloadable content from Oats HERE.


Source: Oats Studios