From the Zatoichi to Daredevil to DON’T BREATHE — the idea of a blind person using their other senses defensively is an action subgenre unto itself. Now, stuntman Eric Jacobus joins this unique fraternity of blind action actors with…Walter. A blind guy who just wanted to eat his apple pie in peace.

From Eric’s official YouTube (full short and making of doc follow):

Blind man and apple pie connoisseur Walter Cooke (Eric Jacobus) ventures to his neighborhood corner store to buy milk and apples. When mafia thugs try to shake down the storeowner (played by action film veteran Roger Yuan, “Jason Bourne”), Walter shows them what a blind martial artist is capable of!   

You might recognize Eric Jacobus from his role as Kurtis Stryker in MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY — alongside Michael Jai White and Casper Van Dien. This time, Jacobus gets to be the main character in this short action-comedy that will likely make you chuckle just a little.

As for Walter (the blind pie man), it looks like we’ll be getting more of him in the near future. According to Jacobus’ IMDB, BLINDSIDED 2 is already on the way. We’re in.