The annual Urban Action Showcase and Expo — a celebration of all the men and women of color that have built our beloved action genre — is returning to New York on November 11th! That in itself would be pretty awesome, but on top of being an action film festival, a chance to meet your childhood heroes, and an opportunity to discover new upcoming talent — this year’s event will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Spawn, the 40th anniversary of The Five Deadly Venoms, and the 15th anniversary of Equilibrium!

Man, suddenly we feel really old…

From UASE’s official site:

The UASE endeavors to Recognize, Promote, Facilitate and Encourage the participation of filmmakers, actors and industry professionals in the genre of Heroes. The UASE recognizes multicultural professionals by honoring excellence in various aspects of film making, acting and content creation. The UASE promotes professionals content creators through various media outlets, facilitate distribution opportunities and encourage new interests through the building of strong networking communities, panels, workshops and key sponsorship participation. The UASE inevitably inspires multicultural interest in the art of action film making, acting, production and content creation through the protocols of information, education, facilitation and exposure. The UASE fulfills its mandates through its Film Festival, Expo and Awards platforms.
UASE understands that action(s) speaks louder than words. When it comes to inclusion, they are looking at our the action genre’s future while also not forgetting about its long, storied history of inclusion. We can’t think of a better way to praise the hard-working men and women of color that have provided us with hours of entertainment by attending and supporting a film festival/expo focused on exactly that.
Oh. And we’ll be selling copies of our the latest issue of Action A Go Go Magazine (pictured below). This one is “The Race issue”, where we talk about the positives of Netflix’s Iron Fist, about famous Mexican filmmakers, deliver our most controversial top ten yet, and more! Come join us.

Source: UASE