This past summer, while most of the world seemed to be enraptured by Gal Gadot’s turn as Wonder Woman, the action-mongers here at AAGG were eagerly anticipating the arrival of director David Leitch and actor Charlize Theron’s other female-led comic adaptation…ATOMIC BLONDE. Set during the end of the Cold War, ATOMIC BLONDE’s R-rated action was destined to reach only a target audience compared to DC’s premiere female superhero. But that’s okay, because whatever ATOMIC BLONDE lacked in box office it certainly made up in thrills.

This has a lot to do with dedication to the craft. ATOMIC BLONDE isn’t the most original spy story, but it is an amazing display of stunts and just overall ability. That credit goes to Theron and the stunt team at 87eleven. No stranger to the action genre, Theron’s eagerness to dive headfirst into this physically demanding role is more than noteworthy, and 87eleven’s willingness to push the boundaries of those physical demands is THE MOST impressive thing about ATOMIC BLONDE.

In the following clip, stunt coordinator Sam Hargrove (WOLF WARRIOR II, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR) walks us through one of the films best fight scenes. While you may have seen this sequence teased plenty in promotional pieces, what you haven’t seen (maybe) is how much thought went into making it credible. Especially for a woman of Theron’s height and weight. Watch how they utilize environment and leverage to make the Atomic Blonde explode on screen.

Source: WIRED