Let me be clear about something…Ric Flair will always be the champion. Of anything! (woo!) He’s the 8x NWA Heavyweight champion (woo!), a 2x World Wrestling Federation champion (woo!), a former WWF World Tag Team champion (woo!), a 6x WCW World Heavyweight champion (woo!), the first WCW Triple Crown champion (woo!), a 2x WWE Hall of Famer (woo!), and the reigning champion of lengthy promos listing all his championships (wooooooooo!)!

My point: anywhere Ric Flair goes — regardless of how many times his daughter’s boyfriend punches him out IRL — he’s a champion. And earlier this month, Flair threw his feather boa into a new arena. Latin trap music!

In the following music video, Grammy-nominated, raggaeton artist Bad Bunny heralds the eventual arrival of his first studio album with style by inviting “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair into the fold. The end result is a bit confounding, admirably fanboyish, and all sorts of dope.