Recently, Neoslave (ex BEAR) released his first album called « From Womb To Doom » on Lazerdiscs Records.

Created from the fluids of the damned. Born upon the hallowed ground in the dead of night. Cared for by those whom lurk in the shadows.

‘From Womb To Doom’ is the devilish-tale of the bastard child of the apocalypse who grows to provide sexual experiences beyond the boundaries of pleasure and pain, and the ability to hand out death as a form of deep gratification.

This being can communicate with all – dead or alive – and will not hesitate in summoning the creatures of the night to rush any chosen discotheque or retro festival. Please be mindful of this shred of information.

NeoSlave was approached one Hallowe’en, amidst an unprecedented thunderstorm, by a being who’s initial form was a she-wolf: The mother of the unholy. In human-form she tasked NeoSlave with creating an audio biography of the unnamed, and ‘From Womb To Doom’ is the blood and sweat spilled during his perilous journey: Beginning to end.

The beast is no longer amongst us, as this was merely a test of humanities resolve against all that is dark and desirable. The beast shall return and with no intention of stopping our journey into oblivion. Our only defense against such an onslaught of pure evil is to arm ourselves with NeoSlave’s experiences… Unless you’re one of those who choose the path of the serpent.

Source: Lazerdiscs Records