About Us

Sprung from the mind of a mad man, built in seclusion, machined to exacting standards, and let loose upon the unsuspecting masses, ActionAGoGo.com rose up like a mighty beast to lay waste to all other websites that dare challenge it!

Its master? I would be that mad man. Derek Scarzella.

But that is the fun version. The real version is that way back in 2010 I wasn’t on top of the world. I had just gotten out of college as a lit major, had no job, was about to be a father, and wasn’t writing. It was a difficult time. But then my friend Troy-Jeffrey Allen told me to start a blog — that it would be a great way to keep writing and share my (perhaps too deep) knowledge of movies with the world. So I took his advice and did just that.

Nearly 6 years later, ACTIONAGOGO.COM has blossomed into something I never thought it would be: a full fledged website with a dedicated team of writers who bring our readers the best entertainment commentary and reviews we can. It is so fun and brings me so much joy that I can’t stand it. I get so excited at the prospect of sharing all this cool stuff with you, the reader, and just want to do more. That’s why we are branching out into cars, extreme sports, and more awesome stuff that our readers love. We want to keep this fun train going for the forseeble future and invite you to join us.

After all, we just want to have fun, and who can say no to that?

Best Regards,

Derek Scarzella

Publisher and Editor in Chief of Action A Go Go


P.S. If you need to explain what AAGG is to anyone feel free to share this with them so that they can get the gist of it.

How To Use Action A Go Go:

1) Go to Action A Go Go.

2) Click on any post.

3) Let the awesome reign over you.

          4) Wash. Rinse. Repeat.