It’s rare to find a movie soundtrack that is a solid work on its own, but the Turbo Kid OST attains retro perfection.

Le Matos managed to compose a totally radical soundtrack to this 80s-inspired, alternate-future adventure story.

Transitioning easily from uplifting to heart-wrenching to action-packed, Le Matos orchestrates the entire gradient of human emotion, adding layers of feeling to this post-apocalyptic tale of true friendship, while seamlessly scoring scenes of extreme violence and mayhem.STK682281It’s effective as an ambient mood-setter for poignant moments but charges to the forefront for scenes where there is little or no dialogue. Much like the movie, this music has a lot of heart and it deserves a place in any true retro-synthwave fan’s regular rotation.

You can purchase Chronicles of the Wasteland/Turbo Kid Original Motion Picture Soundtrack HERE.

Source: Drive Radio

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