You have to give credit to AirBNB – they know how to come up with a great contest for Halloween! You can spent that night in Vlad The Impaler’s castle – you know, the guy who inspired the Dracula story!dracula castle.jpgHere is what they put on their website: “nestled in the Carpathian mountains, high in the heart of Transylvania, lies the home of the most chilling tale of the nineteenth century.”draculas-castle-contest

“A horse-drawn carriage carries you swiftly through Transylvania as the sun sets towards the horizon, heralding the hours of swooping bats and howling wolves. When you come around the final bend on the tree-lined road, you’ll catch a glimpse of Bran Castle. This misty mountain-top manor is home for the night. The chill that suddenly fills the carriage is not the evening mist, it’s a fear older than the forests now grown up around the castle rock. This is the lair of vampires, and you cannot leave until dawn.”

Sounds like a fun night to me!


It put me in the mood for a good Dracula film, so I looked through my archives and found this erotic gem:countess-draculaThis 1972 Hammer film was the company’s attempt to stay relevant, so they hired sex kitten Ingrid Pitt to play a female vampire who loves to drink your blood while naked!

Check out the classic trailer:

Good luck winning a night in Dracula’s castle!