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The novel Dune by Frank Herbert is a part of the bedrock of modern sci-fi. Alejandro Jodorowsky is a fixture of modern cinema, with the movies El Topo (1970) and The Holy Mountain (1973) to his credit. When the two met a creative explosion occurred that would change cinema forever.

Jodorowsky’s Dune (2013)

Starring Alejandro Jodorowsky and HR Giger

Directed by Frank Pavich

Distributed by Sony Pictures Classics


Jodorowsky’s Dune centers around interviews with Alejandro Jodorowsky and others involved in developing a big screen version of Dune that would ultimately never get made. Those  interviewed include artists like H.R Giger, famous for designing the creatures of ALIEN (1979), and recorded interviews with Dan O’Bannon (writer of Alien and head of special effects of this failed project) among others.

The film is amazing from start finish. Jodorowsky is a wild and engrossing character that enthralls as he peels back layer after layer of this amazing tale. The art of Jean “M0ebius” Giraud and painter Chris Foss (who is also interviewed) lights up the screen and animation helps give new life to this long dormant vision.


An image that artist Chris Foss made for the movie.

I could go on and on, but if you consider yourself a sci-fi fan at all this is a must see. It will open your eyes as to how movies are made and how ideas that didn’t come to fruition can be reused (or stolen?) in later works and can have an effect on other movies for generations. You will understand how this unfinished product is the bedock of modern science fiction cinema whether you like what it’s become or not.

Action A Go Go:

Loved it, the whole thing.

Action A No No:

Seriously, no downsides here. The trailer follows.

Arnold meter 5

5 Out of 5 Arnolds






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