Sylvia and Jen Soska, the filmmaking duo behind the cult classic American Mary, recently had a sit down with Crave Online about their upcoming adaptation of the comic book series Painkiller Jane. When asked about the likelihood of this third attempt to bring the comic book to screen getting a PG-13 rating, Jen Soska managed to nail it on the head with her answer:

“That’s why we’d be really disappointed if that ended up being a PG or a PG-13 film because if you look at the character… Kids are reading this kind of content…I mean, when I was a kid I was reading The Punisher. I was reading all this kind of stuff. I think people discredit kids and what they’re capable of tolerating. So Jane has to be true to the character and it’s got to be an R. We can’t tone it down or we’d tone Jane out of the entire script.”

Jen Soska’s answer is particularly epic because few filmmakers would openly acknowledge the fact that kids are smarter than we like to believe when it comes to their entertainment habits. Especially now in an age where Googling something can put you a button click away from sex and/or violence. While I’ll never tell someone to raise their child, I think it stands to reason that for every bad egg that takes his/her  addiction to video games and movies and uses it to inflict harm on innocent people, there are tons of people who continue to separate reality from fiction.

Best case scenario: Your action-addicted teen grows up to become a filmmaker.

Source: Crave Online