I remember where I was when I saw the first Saw.

It was 2004, and this new slasher film called Saw was making waves as THE horror film to see. It turned out to be an interesting cat and mouse film, turning the house of horrors concept on its head with its surprise ending. A unique moment in film history, let alone horror itself.

The original Saw went on to spawn five sequels and literally birthed the term “torture porn.” Above all else, the first movie is still special for it’s twisted take on the genre.

What follows is the “reverse bear trap” scene. It over-flows with high tension by leading the audience by nose. Painting a nightmarish, worst case scenario right up until the last excruciating moment. A distinction that sets Saw apart from its many sequels and imitators.

Enjoy! And most importantly…HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Derek Scarzella is a lone wolf running through the night with a heart full of dynamite and a limitless passion for action movies and all things awesome. ‘Nuff said

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