Our friends over at Driveradio.be (who are awesome, btw) posted the music video for “Flight For Your Life” and I couldn’t help but share.

This is the first song track from the yet to be released album Gunship. It’s from Dan Haigh and Alex Westaway, the members of FIGHTSTAR. GUNSHIP this is their side project.

The song features the singing talents of Stella La Page  and combines her hypnotic voice with textbook 80s beats to create one beautiful song. I can’t wait for the rest of the album.

The video that delivers this amazing sound is a whole other story! Crisp animation with loads of action create a frentic, at times poetic experience out of what is essentially a dogfight from hell. I just can’t stop watching it. And when combined with the song I can honestly say that this is the best music video experience I’ve had in a long time.

Please enjoy “Flight Of Your Life.”


You can preorder GUNSHIP here! The band is out of Europe but according to the site they ship worldwide.

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