Anyone who knows me knows I am a car guy. And one of my favorite pleasures on YouTube is Petrolicious. They feature car owners that have a particularly strong passion for the cars they own. Some are super expensive, some just quirky, and others are just old. But at the end of the day, all of them are special.

This one, however, is a SPECIAL car among special cars. Peter Giaccobi always loved the racing Ferrari’s of the 50’s and 60’s — specifically the Ferrari 250 TR. The problem is that his “favorite” costs about $35,000,000 dollars right now. That is not a typo. So his solution? He went ahead and built his own.

Now, such a project is not for the faint of heart. He searched far and wide to find genuine Ferrari parts to make this beautiful Frankenstein of a car and the results, frankly, are stunning. Now Giaccobi isn’t just any car guy, as he was also part of the team that developed a little 80’s icon called the Delorean. Still, this is one of those stories that proves if you can’t buy want you want, you can always build it yourself.


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