Some of you “Star Wars” junkies out there may be fans of the now de-canonized “Death Troopers” novel by author Joe Schreiber. For the uninitiated, “Death Troopers” is a creepy adventure that takes place sometime before “Episode IV – A New Hope” aboard a derelict starship, wherein a horrifying infestation has taken hold and turned the ships inhabitants into undead flesh-eaters. It’s a fun romp (from what I recall, anyway) and I definitely enjoyed the genre hybridization it dove headfirst into.


Now, a dedicated fan has brought the novel to life (above), in their own way. Nikolays Muraviov has created a creepy looking Death Trooper costume that’s sure to give all you nerds a tingle up your spine. Is it a tingle of geeky glee? Is it of fear? Both? You decide. But take a peek at this cool making-of video that shows you how this undead story was brought to life.

Source: YouTube