Oh, baby. It’s cold outside.

Writing for Action A Go Go, you come across, plenty of free-running videos. Some have been absolutely death-defying, some ended in absolute failure, and others may not have been as advertised. Regardless, any attempt to thumb your nose at the laws of gravity is pretty impressive to me (I’m easy to please).

Germany’s Jason Paul recently took to the air inside China’s Harbin, a city covered in ice and not an ideal place to practice parkour. BUT HE DID IT ANYWAY.

From Red Bull:

Freerunning madman Jason Paul is back at it again! This time he ditched the concrete and street kicks, laced up his spiked running shoes, and hit the icy streets of Harbin in ‘Freezerunning‘.

Get it? “Freezerunning”? I thought it was funny.

You can check out Jason’s video below. And remember: Don’t try this at home…or your nearest ice city.

Source: Red Bull