King Deluxe is a unique record label in British Columbia that kicks out amazingly unique music/visuals on the internet.  When they reached out with one of their latest videos I just couldn’t resist sharing.

This music video features a jazzy, effervescent tune from the musician Lucinate. It is the title track to an album coming out on soon on vinyl and the video itself features animation from no less than 9 animators. It’s a fascinating piece of collective art that goes down the road of detective noir and then goes …. other places.

Enjoy, and feel free to fall down the rabbit hole of King Deluxe freely. You will not be disappointed.

All of the artists are:

Héloïse Petel

Steve West

Jeremie Carreon

Pranay Patwardhan

Nikita Deshpande

Calvin Xingpei Shen

Gerhard Human

Pierre-Julien Fieux

Andrew Khosravani

Conde Pablo

Big Noise is also the title track of Lucinate’s coming album, and can be found on this beautiful limited edition 12″ vinyl…

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