I don’t even know what to say. Except that,  yes, Eva Green really does have it all.

She began working with one of the most legendary directors in cinema, Bernardo Bertolucci, when she starred in the erotic The Dreamers (2003). From there she went to work with Ridley Scott in the movie Kingdom of Heaven (2004) and soon after was cast as one of the most important Bond girls ever when she starred in Casino Royale (2006) with Daniel Craig.

Now she’s back in 300: Rise Of An Empire to scare the crap out of any Greek man she lays eyes on. This long awaited sequel to the original 300 (2006) sees her starring as Artemisia, the Admiral of the Persian empires mighty fleet of ships.

Honestly, I wasn’t too excited to hear about a sequel for 300 was coming. It was unnecessary and literally thought up out of thin air. But once I saw Eva Green attached to this project my hopes were raised and after seeing some trailers I am genuinely excited.

But enough about that.

Eva, we love you! Please enjoy the gallery below.

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Eva Greem Hot 3 Eva Green 13 Eva Green hot 6 Eva Green hot 7 Eva Green hot 8 Eva Green hot 9 Eva Green Hot 15 Eva Green Hot 18 Eva Green Hot 20 Eva Green Hot eva_green_03
Eva-Green- hot 17 Eva-green-2012 01 Eva-green-2012 04 Eva-Green-Hot 2012 04 Eva-Green-Hot 2012 05 Eva-Green-Hot 2012 06 Hot Eva Green

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