Couple more hours left in your workday? Need a pick me up? Try an epic rap battle between Master Chief (of XBox’s Halo fame) and Leonidas, the Spartan from the movie 300. 

Who do you think won? Tell us in the comments!


-Tabatha LeStrange

Tabatha is an artist of sorts. She is sarcastic, an optician, a ninja, a ghost, a humourist, and a costume enthusiast. Usually she is making something. From costume pieces to jewelry to body painting to housewares. Also, LeStrange is a big fan of the Transformers (AUTOBOTS SUPERIOR!), The Venture Brothers, Adventure Time, Neil Gaiman’s works, and David Mack’s Kabuki. She does it all! It’s hard to believe she’s not a machine. Oddly enough, she is referred to as Optimus Prime, so perhaps she IS a machine after all. Will we ever know?