Okay, so you might be expecting a throwback from the movies or video games, but it actually doesn’t go back that far. While the characters do, this throwback to a YouTube video made famous by DashieXP. It was shared with the world in 2010.

Using the old 2D characters from the early 90s video games, DashieXP and other voiceover artists created a hilarious skit between Baraka, Mileena, Raiden, and Kabal in “Mileena’s Room”. This skit marked the beginning of a series by DashieXP and crew.

While it has been seen by many, there are still plenty of people on the planet who have not experienced it and should. In fact, it is still getting new fans, so if you’ve seen this before, how can you not watch it again? And if you’re one of the ones who’ve been missing out, you’re welcome.


– Tabatha LeStrange

Tabatha DeVita is an artist of sorts, Optician, ninja, ghost, humorous and sarcastic as well as a costume enthusiast. She is usually always making something, from costumes pieces to jewelry, body painting to housewares. Big fan of the Transformers (AUTOBOTS SUPERIOR!), The Venture Brothers, Adventure Time, Neil Gaiman’s works and David Mack’s Kabuki. She does it all, it’s hard to believe she’s not a machine. Oddly enough, she is referred to as Optimus Prime, so perhaps she IS a machine after all. Will we ever know?