Many moons ago, when DVD’s were still cutting edge technology, I was roaming the isles of my local Blockbuster and stumbled upon Boondock Saints (1999). I watched it and found it acceptable. It was an original take on an old formula with a couple of smart twists thrown in. It was memorable, but I wasn’t floored by it. I like my action straight cut, and the films backtracking style failed the enthrall me.

Still, it was good. Years later, and I do mean years, I was shocked to find out the movie had blown up. People who weren’t even into movies that much were talking about this film. It had attained a Scarface (1983) like popularity among my generation and is now considered a classic.

And all I can say…is I saw it first!

But that’s just me geek boasting. One of the best parts of the movie is when Willum Dafoe, playing the wild detective Paul Smecker, reconstructs a crime scene in the wildest way imaginable with the Boondock Saints themselves then being shown in the firefight. You may recognize Norman Reedus form The Walking Dead (2014 – present) playing Murphy McManus. Sean Michael Flanery plays Conner McManus and is the noticeably blonder of the two.

It’s great stuff, and now a classic scene from a classic movie.

Please enjoy. (NFSW AND SPOILERY)

Posted by Derek Scarzella

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