After last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw, something kind of epic happened. Long time collaborators and on-screen rivals, Vince McMahon And “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, sat down on the WWE Network and recorded an hour-long interview about…well, every thing you could imagine.

During the late ’90s and early 2000s, Steve Austin’s feud with Vince McMahon became the stuff of pop culture legend. McMahon, the actual chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, stepped into the ring and faced off with one of his employees (Austin). It was all for the cameras of course, but it put the WWE back on the map after several years of financial and creative distress.

The reason the feud worked so well was simple: Everyone at some point in time has hated their boss. Stone Cold Steve Austin represented the frustrations of working class TV viewers around the world, and the notoriously shrewd (on and off-screen) Vince McMahon represented every smug supervisor and corporate figure.

Now, nearly 20 years later, McMahon and Austin sit down to discuss everything about the company then and now. Surprisingly enough, Austin does toss some controversial questions at Vince. In particular, he asks about the dissatisfaction of WWE Network subscribers and the firing of CM Punk. Less surprisingly, McMahon side-steps each question like a pro.

You can check out the whole thing below:

UPDATE: The video we previously posted was pulled so we have updated with a new video and portion of the podcast as well.

UDDATE # 2 2:47PM EST: The latest video has been taken down as well. Podcast below Vid is working. We are going to find something to replace the video A.S.A.P.  


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