Everything you need to know about Conan The Barbarian in 7 hours.

By Troy-Jeffrey Allen

Over at the Projection Booth podcast, show hosts Mike White and Rob St. Mary have truly outdone themselves with an impressive 7 hour deep dive into the world of Conan The Barbarian. Along with guest hosts Josh Hadley and El Goro, the podcasters have invited the likes of Marvel Comic’s Roy Thomas and film producer Edward R. Pressman to talk about their own experiences bringing the Cimmerian to life.

From Projection Booth (link follows):

Episode 207: Conan the Barbarian

Special Guests: Edward R. Pressman, Sven-Ole Thorsen, Gerry Lopez, Roy Thomas, Paul M. Sammon, Mark Finn, Sean Hood, Josh Adkins
Guest Co-Hosts: Josh Hadley & El Goro

Let us tell you of the days of high adventure….
In a truly epic episode of The Projection Booth, we look at John Milius’s Conan the Barbarian. The film put Arnold Schwarzenegger on the map and kicked-off years of sword & sorcery imitators.

Along with El Goro of Talk without Rhythm and Josh Hadley of Radiodrome, we explore the fiction of Robert E. Howard, the Marvel Comics version of the Barbarian and the subsequent sequels and reboot to the 1982 film.

Clocking in at seven hours, this is not a podcast for the weak.

If you’re man enough to endure this much barbaric adventurism then, by all means, click on Giant-Size Conan #1 and go forth…


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