There are a lot of things I could ask for this Christmas (Master Chief Collection Master Chief Collection Master Chief Collection Master Chief Collection), but nothing would be sweeter than this “Son of Bitch” patch from the fine folks at Future Zine. Unfortunately, it won’t be ready in time for the holidays but a bad ass gift is still a bad ass gift…


Going for a measly $5.00 (seriously, shipping will probably cost as much as the patch), this bad boy has apparently already sold out once. Which means you besta get to the chopper (sorry) and add it to the shopping cart now.

From The product description:

Due to popular request, I am restocking these, however they take a little while to make and will be shipping around the week of December 22nd. Please note that unfortunately this means they won’t be ready for Christmas. Sorry and thanks for your patience!

To grab yourself one of these handmade Predator patches, head on over to Future Zine’s StoreEnvy by clicking HERE.