The Avengers director talks candidly about the difficulties of building the MCU.

By Troy-Jeffrey Allen

Over on Buzzfeed, Joss Whedon’s creative journey throughout Avengers: Age of Ultron‘s is outlined in a very telling interview with the film’s writer-director. Reading it, you really get a good look at the process and how it impacts the people making the art.

From the interview:

Well, mostly. Once Whedon’s attention turned entirely to Age of Ultron, he found he had to be the one telling his colleagues, who also happened to be his family, what they could not do on their show, lest they affect his plans for the movie. After spending a decade making television himself, he had become intimately familiar with the inevitability of creative limitations. “They are the rocks around which one must steer,” he said. “Sometimes those rocks are the limitations of your stars, or their temperament. Sometimes they are the insanity of your network. Sometimes they are the premise and it coming back to bite you. Sometimes they are your own limitations. There are plenty of rocks.”

Filmmaking is not a simple process, and blockbuster filmmaking requires a special type of stamina and patience that very few people can accomplish (studios actually make director’s take physicals before shooting). Hearing Whedon go up and down, backwards and forwards about the difficulties of shooting AoU has made me actually love this movie quite a bit (and I was initially lukewarm to it).

The interview also underlines a point that I think gets glossed over by most sites: That Marvel really is a creative proving ground like no other. Either you are willing to work to make this universe happen or you are incapable of doing so. Whedon did. And after 2 films, a TV show, and 3 years of doctoring whatever Marvel put in front of him, I really do believe no other person in film could have injected so much personality, character, and spectacle into a franchise and make it look so easy.

You can read the whole thing by clicking HERE.

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