To me, the proof of Fury Road‘s effective world-building comes not from the numerous online discussions about subtext and gender, but with how the film continues to spark enthusiasm from fans.

Case in point, over at, Misha Petrick and Mazok Pixels have repurposed several of the soon to become (if not already) iconic vehicles from George Miller’s film, giving them an 8-bit makeover. Seeing as we’ve already spotlighted a burlesque show, a few fan films, and even a weekend desert event dedicated to Mad Max: Fury Road, I think it’s fair to say that the film has the type of cult-following that made the original Star Wars synonymous with geek culture.

Too much? Get back at me in about 5 years and tell me if I’m wrong.

You can discover more of Mazok’s work on Instagram. As for animator Misha Petrick, she too can be found on IG as well.


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Source: Behance