Hip hop and gangster films have a long history together, but discovering the connection between hip hop and angst-ridden vampire films is a bit more difficult. Interestingly enough, that is exactly what happened on Eminem’s comeback album, Recovery.

For the closing track to the 2010 release, Eminem does what he does best and delivers tons of unfiltered frustration with “You’re Never Over.” Considered a tribute to fallen friend and fellow rapper, Proof, “You’re Never Over” could also be viewed as notable for its sampling of “Cry Little Sister,” AKA the theme from Joel Schumacher’s cult hit,  The Lost Boys (1987).

Which are you more surprised by? The fact that Recovery‘s producers — Havoc and Magnedo7 — sampled a Joel Schumacher film or that Joel Schumacher made quite a few quality flicks before getting vilified for Batman & Robin?

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