In 1985, the first ‘Back To The Future’ movie was released, with Robert Zemeckis as director and Steven Spielberg as executive producer. Starring Michael J. Fox as cool college kid Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd as the lovable eccentric inventor Doc Brown, ‘Back To The Future’ covers the first part in what would become an epic trilogy.


When Doc Brown invents a time machine from a DeLorean car, he is killed hsortly after showwing his invention to McFly. Marty, in a bid to escape from Brown’s killer to get help, jumps into the DeLorean and unwittingly sends himself back to 1955… where he meets his future parents. When his antics in the past drive a wider wedge between his would-be mother and father, Marty tracks down the past version of Doc to help him get back to the future (while he still has one to go back to).


Made on a budget of under $20 million, and going on to gross almost $400 million (not counting adjustment inflation of 30 years), ‘Back To The Future’ took the world by storm, creating a whole new interest in time travel fiction while launching Michael J. Fox into massive superstardom and even bringing about a huge interest in the DeLorean DMC-12 (my personal second-favorite movie car, next only to the 1989 / 1992 Batmobile).


With its excellent supporting cast and characters, it’s stunning score from Alan Silvestri (And massive hit song “The Power Of Love” from Huey Lewis & The News) and some of the most incredible special effects ever put on screen, ‘Back To The Future’ has remained a hugely popular and greatly adored adventure movie, continuing to influence filmmakers and garner new fans.

To once again celebrate the 30 year legacy of ‘Back To The Future’, here are the top 10 scenes from that first iconic and beloved classic movie that has, along with its sequels and animated TV show, brought joy to millions of people around the world for 3 decades.


10. Skateboard Chase

9. “Woah, rock n’ roll!”

8. Marty’s Family

7. “1.21 Gigawatts!”

6. Marty meets Mom

5. Darth Vader

4. “Biff?”

3. The DeLorean

2. Johnny B Goode

1. The Clocktower


If you have any fun facts, thoughts on scenes or just some good old memories of the movies, please share them with us in the comment boxes.

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