Marvel Comics is going through it’s “biggest crossover ever” right now. And you know what that means: Even more complications being made to an already complicated universe of characters. At times like these even real comic geeks have trouble following all the drama. And judging by this cover, yes, it is a LOT of drama:


Well don’t worry, none other than Marvel is here to help. Below is a video that outlines what is going on in SECRET WARS, the big event that is shuffling everything around in the Marvel U. It’s fairly comprehensive and get’s you ready for the final issue coming out January 13th in comic shops everywhere.

Or, you could try and track down all 8 previous issues so you can just read it yourself WITHOUT SPOILERS.

So you have been warned, this does pretty much sum up everything so far. Enjoy, and let us know what you think about this latest world shattering event (literally) in the comments.