Bellator 149 is coming, and Spike is here to help you get up to speed on some EPIC grudge matches that are going down. The 1 hour special premiering tonight at 11pm EST/PST is called “Shamrock / Gracie / Kimbo / Dada 5000” and goes over each of those fighters histories, and why these fights are so intense.

For instance, he Shamrock/Gracie goes back to the foundations of the UFC itself back in the 1990’s. The Kimbo/Dada 5000 beef goes back to the start of Dada 5000’s career and Kimbo claims Dada 5000 is ripping off his image.

I got a chance to watch this and it’s different compared to other hype shows like the one’s I’ve seen on HBO and other networks. As opposed to focusing on training and the “hard work” side it’s all about their motivations and how bad they want to win.

It’s good stuff, and definitely worth watching if you can’t make it to the theatre to watch DEADPOOL or ZOOLANDER 2.

The show premieres tonight, and the fight is February 19th on Spike TV.

Below is a clip from Bellator 138 in case you need to find out how intense this stuff can get …