One of our favorite actresses at ACTION A GO GO is Jessica Cameron. She acts, directs, and writes her own movies. All of those things help her score major points with our crowd. Now she is starting her own web series which is like “The View” but with super cool horror stars. It’s called Scream Stream Queens amd Carmeron will share hosting duties with Heather Dorff, a co star from Cameron’s movie Truth or Dare.

They do things like get drunk outside of clubs, watch disgusting videos on the internet, and fail to cook things. My favorite quote from the video is “We haven’t gotten to the bleeding yet.”

In other words, it’s a lot of fun and worth a watch! You should also check out her movies. Her full list is on IMDB here.


Warning, some strong language and some disgusting things are discussed in the video below. May be NSFW.

If you like this and want to support this show you can visit their Patreon page here!