Well, the time is upon us. Action A Go Go went ahead and turned itself into a real website.

There was some frustration along the way. Maybe even some loss. Things have changed.

And some things may be a bit off. Old articles may look weird and some formatting or links may not work. And for that, we do apologize. We are going to go back and fix this stuff, but it will take time.

(Update: Yeah, links at the bottom of our page are not working, hindering site navigation. We are working to get this fixed as soon as possible)

Meanwhile, like a mighty phoenix, we have risen to do battle with the forces of boredom and darkness! Our weapon of choice, the finely crafted machine you see before you, is the perfect vessel for this new war on all things not cool. And I love it. Just looking at it gives me goose bumps and, dare I say it, brings a tear to my eye.

So please, sit back, relax, and enjoy. Run through our pages and take it in.

We did this for you, our readers. The best readers ever.

Thank you.

Signed with Big Explosions, Guns, Fast Cars, Speed, Scantily Clad Vixens, and Booze.


Derek Scarzella

Publisher and Editor in Chief of Action A Go Go

P.S What did it feel like building the new website and going through this transition?

Something like this.


23All art featured in this post came from Caleb Brown, whose work can be viewed here.