What else is there to be said about one of the most famous Japanese movies, from one of the most famous Japanese directors? Plenty!

Based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth and masterfully directed by Akira Kurosawa this movie still has acres of charisma and is a touchstone in cinematic history. It’s sweepingly epic, haunting, and Toshiro Mifune’s performance as Taketoki Washizu, the films equivalent to Macbeth, is still amazing to watch. It even gives Al Pacino’s performance as Tony Montana in Scarface (1983) a run for his money.

It’s absolutely worth a watch, but the cherry on top of this masterpiece is the end, when Washizu falls at the hands of his own army. It’s a staggering scene unlike anything that came out in 1957 or decades afterwards. Simply put, after yelling at his men for their betrayal an arrow is shot at him. Then another, and other, until he is practically showered in arrows. It’s terrifying while at the same time enrapturing to watch.

And courtesy of Movie Clips, we can watch this very scene below. So please enjoy, and bonus points go to anyone who can tell how Mifune isn’t eaten alive by arrows in real life.

Also below is a classic poster for the movie.


© 1957 – Toho

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