I know I am not the only one who thinks this would be awesome, especially here at AAGG. Since the Arnold is our unofficial mascot and this is for a good cause, it only seems right to share this right here on Action A Go Go.

Your chance to ride shotgun with Arnold in his tank and experience quite possibly “the best day of your life”, starts here.
Ride for charity

Benefits After School All Stars


– Tabatha LeStrange

Tabatha DeVita is an artist of sorts, Optician, ninja, ghost, humorous and sarcastic as well as a costume enthusiast. She is usually always making something, from costumes pieces to jewelry, body painting to housewares. Big fan of the Transformers (AUTOBOTS SUPERIOR!), The Venture Brothers, Adventure Time, Neil Gaiman’s works and David Mack’s Kabuki. She does it all, it’s hard to believe she’s not a machine. Oddly enough, she is referred to as Optimus Prime, so perhaps she IS a machine after all. Will we ever know?