Yesterday, director James Gunn unveiled the official playlist/soundtrack to his upcoming summer blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy (scroll to the very bottom to listen). Sadly, there’s no sign of  Tyler Bates original score. Thankfully, however,  it is filled with older classics and is not just a collection of modern pop songs hollowly singing about heroism.

Hm…that gets me thinking. What were some of the worst pop numbers to spawn out of the superhero films of yore. Was it…

Superman: The Movie‘s “Can You Read My Mind?”

Daredevil‘s “Man Without Fear?”

Aerosmith’s “Spider-Man Theme (Remix)?”

…or Batman & Robin‘s “Gotham City?”

I’ll go with “Gotham City,” personally. Nothing worse than a well-documented child-molester singing about justice, eh?

Sorry. Happy thoughts. Let’s move forward…