Recently there has been a rally against digital effects in movies. People say things like “I just can’t stand CGI in movies” or “XYZ movie is going to suck because of GGI.” But you know what? CGI get’s a bad rap. It’s not that CGI that is bad. It’s just that bad CGI is REALLY BAD.

For instance, look at this video from Shade VFX, the special effects team that brought us the CGI effects in the (awesome) Netflix show Daredevil. In it, CEO Bryan Goodwin and Executive Supervisor David Van Dyke talk about how the effects should be used, all of the work that goes into getting them right, and how they view themselves in the overall process.

It is very good stuff, and even I was surprised at just how many effects slipped by me while I was watching the show. And of course, as Goodwin notes, that means they did their job right.

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