Who remembers this slice of fried gold from Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s Punisher run in the early 2000s?STK694061-8 STK694061-1

Well, Daredevil‘s showrunners granted Entertainment Weekly a set visit recently, and they’ve delivered one new promotional still from the second season.

Yep. That’s Frank Castle getting the better of ol’ Matt Murdock. Looks like Civil War ain’t just happening at the movie theaters in 2016, y’all. Personally, I hope Petrie and Ramirez will use this well-documented rivalry between the two vigilantes as an excuse to comfortably slide in a Captain America: Civil War tie-in. Not as an excuse to introduce cameos, but as nice window-dressing as we see this conflict play out.10941854_583351521799706_8306194430747960432_n

Source: EW