Dear Netflix and Marvel:

Action Ration has an axe to grind with you. Or more specifically, your ass! Because you’re clearly dragging it like an anchor when it comes to a Jon Bernthal led Punisher series on Netflix.

In the following video, Action Ration sends out the call: We want a Punisher series and we want it now! And he’s not alone. There is already a petition online that is approaching 4,000 signatures (as of this writing) to give Bernthal (and fans) the show he deserves. Now, we at Action A Go Go ain’t good at counting anything other than ammo, but 4,000 people + 12 episodes of a “Netflix original” Punisher is…A LOT of friggin’ people!

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To join the petition for more Frank Castle (what could it hurt?), head HERE.

Source: ActionRation