When we aren’t watching movies or playing video games we’re listening to them. And much like the films and games of 2015, the scores of this past year were filled with pleasant surprises that delivered unexpected range and diversity. It also was a topsy turvy year for soundtracks. Old favorites made unexpected comebacks (Bond, Jurassic World, etc.), new blood teamed up with seasoned composers (Elfman and Tyler’s Avengers: Age of Ultron), legends resurfaced to tackle familiar genres (Ennio Morricone’s The Hateful Eight, John Williams’ Star Wars) , the most unlikely films featured some amazing soundtracks (Mortdecai…seriously), and the synth sounds of the ’80s decided to make several unexpected returns (Kung Fury, Turbo Kid, etc).

Bamn 4 Page 4 FINAL

Below is Action A Go Go’s year-end “mixtape,” a collection of some of the most emotionally affecting and just plain badass tracks released between January and December. These selected compositions emboldened their stories, taking already great moments and injecting them with excitement, menace, and/or bravery. To us, this is what 2015 sounded like…

Source: YouTube | Troy on Twitter