I have a fever. And the only cure is more steelbooks.

Ever since I laid my eyes on The Avengers steelbook on Amazon, I’ve been hunting down the perfect versions of my favorite films to showcase on my book shelf. Now I share my ongoing mission with you so that I can spread the disease.

What is a “steelbook,” you ask? Well, it is the latest collectors craze contaminating the Internet and big box retailers. These exclusive metal cases house the same blu rays and special features as regular plastic home video purchase, but the added bonus of having a sleek, artfully done steel case that can stand on a shelf unsupported and outlasts most blu ray/DVD cases…this is why we love them so much. That and an unhealthy, obsessive need to be a completist.

Happy hunting.

Edge of Tomorrow

Director: Doug Liman
Players: Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt
Rated PG-13 for the sexualization of Emily Blunts arms.
113 Mins


1080p High Definition ✓
DTS-HD Master Audio ✓
Dolby Digital ✓
English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese✓


Other Exclusives: Folks online are going gaga for the Novamedia version because of the glossy finish and 3D disc. Personally, I have no use for 3D at home and I avoid international shipping whenever possible.

Steelbook Release Date: October 7, 2014 from Target

Extras: One 45 minute documentary with Doug Liman in addition to a few behind-the-scenes featurettes and several deleted scenes. What? No commentary with Liman, Blunt, or Cruise?!?!


IMDB says:
An officer finds himself caught in a time loop in a war with the alien race. His skills increase as he faces the same brutal combat scenarios, and his union with a Special Forces warrior gets him closer to defeating the enemy.

Why Did It Come Home: Next to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Edge of Tomorrow was the best film of summer 2014.

Up front, the film highlights Tom Cruise’s unshakable commitment to perform. Then, before his antics get old, the amusingly annoyed Emily Blunt steps in and drives the story towards unpredictable territory.

Director Doug Liman (Go , Mr. and Mrs. Smith) has long been a favorite of mine, and his notoriously loose filmmaking style allows Edge of Tomorrow to feel fresh even when it is not.



Steelbook ✓


Lenticular Slip

Glossy Finish on Front And Back

Matte Varnish  ✓

Number Of Discs: 2



Title On Front ✓

Blu Ray ✓


2D ✓

Digital Copy ✓


Region Code: Region-free

Print Run: Could not find the print run on this for some strange reason.

Purchase Link

Arnold Rating:

Arnold meter 4

4 Out Of 5 Arnolds

Verdict: The lack of glossy finish, debossed/embossed title, and the absence of audio commentary is a bit disappointing. However, for me, the front and back covers of Blunt and Cruise were a huge selling point since I liked these particular bits of promotional art over any of the others that were released.

The deleted scenes are interesting because they give you a glimpse into the chaotic editing that must have went on in order to get this manga adaptation on screen. All the various time loops seem to have different inter-cutting clips and/or scenes, which must’ve been nothing short of nightmarish to keep track of.

As an aside, I continue to hate how Warner Bros. handles their menu screens. They are very dull and generic with an awkward navigation.

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