Mash-up extraordinaire ChiefBrodyRules seems to be intrigued by a world where the much beloved (and maligned) Cannon Group created a campy, over-the-top version of Captain America: Winter Soldier in the vein of their work on the Death Wish series.  Hey, at least it would be better than Superman IV.

The below trailer expertly splices footage from the Marvel sequel with Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Snowpiercer, Die HardBatman Begins, and a healthy serving of Robocop (among other films).  Roll in an aggressive electronic score and some great effects that simulate VHS deterioration, and you have yourself a retro movie that might even be more exciting than the blockbuster smash it’s sending up.

Fun fact: The ill-fated version famously starring J.D. Salinger’s son was actually produced by Manahem Golan shortly after he left The Cannon Group. So let’s pretend that the above video is advertising a direct sequel to that mess.



Zak has been an avid movie fan since his mom made him cover his eyes before the “icicle stabbing” when they rented Die Hard 2 in 2nd grade.  As a consolation, in 6th grade he got straight A’s so she gave him the entire Die Hard trilogy on VHS. The rest is history.

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