Coming to HBO GO on December 26, Home Box Office has officially released a teaser trailer for The Wire Remastered.

Part of their “HBO Signature” series, this remastering bumps the show’s original 4:3 aspect ratio up to 16:9 to meet the standards of modern flatscreen televisions. The difference is notable. However, show creator David Simon has been somewhat cautious about treating it like the definitive version. Pointing out that the show wasn’t originally intended for the widescreen treatment and by upconverting the show they’ve actually had to digitally remove production equipment and crew from some of the wider shots (we’ve included some examples below).

The Wire Remastered hits HBO GO on December 26, 2014. The full HD marathon will air on HBO December 26-30, 2014. It will be available to purchase on iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, and X-Box on January 6, 2015. No word on a blu ray release date yet.